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All Feiyue's Products are for scientific laboratory research purposes and are not for diagnostic, therapeutics, prophylactic use. Please use any Products purchased from Feiyue in accordance with industry standards for research use only.  


Polyclonal antibody Customize Service

With an experienced and professional tech team, Feiyuebio can provide one-stop polyclonal antibody preparation services for antigen design and preparation (peptides, proteins, small molecule antigens), animal immunization, serum antibody purification and labeling.

Our advantage

1、More choices for host:mouse, rat, guinea pig, rabbit, chicken, goat, sheep and so on.

2、High quality of prepared antibody: Western Blot results were positive, ELISA titer > 1:128000.

3、Excellent custom service individuality:provide exclusive experimental program to meet each customer's original needs.

4、Strictly confidential:As a reliable partner, we will maintain a high degree of confidentiality for all your product information.

5、One-stop service: We can provide the whole process service from gene synthesis, antigen preparation to polyclonal antibody generation and detection.

6、Clear communication:Keep feedback and issues on progress with you throughout the project.